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Want to know what the Track Events are like? Check this out:

Go for a ride with Too Blue Racing at Putnam Park

Several our of members regularly participate High Performance Driving Education events (HPDE for short). In these events, they have the opportunity to take their beloved Vipers out in a safe environment on closed circuit tracks with the benefit of qualified instructors to learn advanced driving techniques and develop their performance driving skills.

These events which are put on by a number different organizations are held on both small regional road course tracks and at world-class sports car tracks including Road America, Road Atlanta, Barber Motorsports Park among others and even the new Formula 1 track known as the Circuit of the Americas.

Please feel free to contact Dan Govero or any of our members for any additional information on what it's all about and how it works.

Want to see over 1420 horsepower in a Viper? Check out Mike Perkin's Twin Turbo beast on a dyno run at Craven Performance:

For More Cool Vids, Visit the Too Blue Racing YouTube Page

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